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Jem or RG 7 string help

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I need help with a 7 string RG or JEM. I am making a 7 string RG/Jem and I need help with the width of the nut and a width at the 12th fret or the heel. I Am going to us that same body as my RG 350 that I own but I just need the measurements of the width of the neck at the nut and the 12th fret. Also the length of the headstock would be nice to.

So… if any one has a 7 string JEM or RG lying around I would greatly appreciate the measurements.

Or if you have any other pointers before I undertake this project

Thx Jeff B)

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from my RG7421 (I have a regular ruler and a short one that has 1/100ths of an inch):

nut: 48mm or 1 15/16" or 1 88/100"

12th: 59mm or 2 5/16" or 2 32/100"

heel (measured after 24fret): 65mm or 2 9/16" or 2 58/100"

headstock: 18 cm or 7 1/16" along tuners

the bottom is curved so I can't get exact measurements, but it's about 17cm or 6 3/4"

check the jemsite just in case.

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