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Pickguard materials


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Thanks to a former school friend of mine I've been able to locate a plastics and acrylic supplier (Matty used to build bongs from acrylic pipes...) who sells small quantities and also has a trash container that might have some useful stuff, so what materials are best for pickguards? I need to build my own pgs because I have a couple of non-standard measurement strat bodies lying around that already have the holes drilled and all...

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Bakelite!?!? Wow Brian, I used to use that term when I finished only half the joint :D That brings back some memories! B)

Yes, I believe you are correct on that. I think bakelite was the "plastic" of the early days. Remember the old "Rickenbacher's"? I think they even used bakelite after the name change to Rickenbacker for quite a few years. They made the whole body (and neck on the early ones) out of the stuff. What an ad campaign that would be......Buy yourself a new Ric bakelite guitar, doubles as a bowling ball on Friday night!

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Another alternative is Lexan(it's made by G.E.).It's stronger than plexiglass and totally clear.It accepts paint very well and viola instant finish when you spray the bottom.It can be a little expensive for a full sheet but sometimes you can buy an offcut piece.I think the Home Depot stocks it or you can go to GE's site for guidance on purchasing.

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