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Need Some Advice On Stripping A Neck

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The only thing I'm questioning is how to get that defined line from paint to no paint. Like this- (sorry if the image is a bit big)


I'd assume the best way is to tape it off then stripper? I have a feeling the stripper could seep under the tape or something.


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Possibly using a scraper or a razor? It may be difficult anyway you go about it. Paint stripper is very strong, using it along with tape will be pointless as it will just melt the tape adhesive right off.

ROFL, I'm retarded. I guess scraper/razor or something would be my best bet.

I was thinking about doing a similar thing recently. With violins, they use an oil varnish over the whole neck, then use a scraper to remove the finish on just the back of the neck, then french polish.
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I think you've set yourself up with a difficult task - that defined line was put there by masking when laying the paint down, not by painting and then removing. Going one way is a lot easier than the other!

I think your best bet may be to use stripper to remove the bulk of the paint, and leave yourself quite clear of where you want the lines to be - and use mechanical means to get your crisp line. I'd imagine scoring the finish with a blade might help.

But in reality, I'd be hesitant to remove the finish on a set-neck guitar unless I was planning to remove all of it and reapply - with a chemical strippers propensity to eat through most masking solutions, (at least, the heavy-duty stuff needed to get through the coatings used on current production guitars) it's just too easy to mess up the body paint as well. I've seen vapors from stripping solutions make the surface of paint tacky enough it picks up lint.

Are you just looking for a faster feeling neck? I'd imagine knocking down the gloss on the neck you have might do the job.

Someone else might have a better idea than I. I've certainly never attempted it on a guitar, but every time I've tried to spot-strip the finish on something using chemicals, it usually ends up with me re-doing the whole finish, or at least touching up significant portions of it.

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+1 on chemical stripper bad.

+1 on roughing up the current finish with 400 grit and some fine 0000 steal wool.

Scraper and a razor blade is the only way to tackle this issue if you are insistent on removing the finish. I used chemicals on my Charvel and it was bad. I used a heat gun on one of the King Vs I did and it was nice. However getting that fine line will not happen with a heat gun.

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