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I Just Won A Neck

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for 25 bucks on eBay..

it's new...it was on a new guitar...the guitar was taken apart and pieced out on eBay..

I wanted a "decent" neck for my little project, and I've heard that the S101 stuff isn't bad...the frets aren't painful... this one has a nice rosewood FB with really pretty grain incidentally.

We'll see. could be just what I need though!


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Correct...like I said I know what it is...it's from an "S101" strat-style guitar. it's a Samick-type company. not the best quality but not the worst either. it'll get my project guitar going which is the aim.

now I just need to decide what pickups I have already to use and go get some switches and pots and stuff.

maybe i could do something cool like...put a fuzz in the guitar and make it so I just have to flip a switch to use it..

I think Tony MacAlpine has that on one of his Carvin guitars...


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