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Stripping Isn't Fun.

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So, I'm going to refinish my project guitar, and today I went out and bought the supplies...stain, stripper, sandpaper, etc..

I'm using plastic putty knives...because I read in the finishing tutorial not to use metal, though I now wish I had bought BOTH metal and plastic.

It's taking forever and it's dulling the blade like crazy. and I don't have ANY other knives here...SOB.........

so I bought... Kleen-Strip gel... puttin it on thick, leaving it on for a good length of time (20 mins or so)

still a HUGE PITA.. :D the last person who finished it had to have done the lacquer (or whatever) like 1/16" 1/8" inch thick. I'm on the third coat on the top. :D



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When stripping a thicker material it's usually best to start with heat. That will remove multiple layers at once usually down to bare or almost bare wood. After that you can use stripper to remove any left over finish that was hard to get off or didn't come off entirely with heat, as well as stains or dyes for the most part. After that you should wash the guitar off using whatever the strippers directions suggest as a cleanup, usually a solvent soaked rag.

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LOL... no strip bars for me... Married with child and a full time job.

the Kleen strip did work..it was slow and my putty knives kept dulling..

I finally sanded the last bits off, then used Acetone to clean the body.

I'm on the third coat of stain now.. will probably start clearing today.

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