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Acetone And Naptha

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Just to clarify, acetone will destroy a laquer finish. It won't do a darn thing to the 2-part poly's once they are dry. I am not sure how the harware store poly's react to it. Acetone will also eat through super glue.

Naptha is lighter fluid.

Acetone is a much stronger solvent and thinner, that is a complete different composition. Acetone also evaporates much faster.

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I thought lighter fluid was naphtha mixed with other compounds -- which is why it might feel oily? I haven't experienced issues with finishing though--seems to work okay with nitro at any rate.

I use acetone for cleanup -- it's great for getting rid of dried wood glue. Acetone is the solvent used in nitro-based paints. I don't know if it works as well for acrylic paint.

Definitely need good ventilation if you're going to work with it.

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