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"material Finish" Tutorial


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I heard someone did it here and a good job too...except it peeled off after a short while regardless. I think that nylon would be particularly bad in this respect as it will not absorb glue, may even resist it...even epoxy!

Still, it can work and look great

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"Real Tree" - lol!

Anyway, it might be worth pointing out, possibly for the benefit of the original poster, that an Ibanez RG body is used in the tutorial on this site. This is, of course, in itself a reference to the Ibanez Jem FP series. The Jem FPs were factory-finished in a floral pattern (hence "FP") which was actual cloth material (patterned to match the curtains/drapes of Steve Vai's home!), not a painted effect. The cloth was glued to the body, clear coated and polished to a high gloss. It is my assumption that the intention of the tutorial onsite here is to demonstrate how you can replicate that effect yourself.

I have followed a few build threads (on other sites too, like Jemsite and sevenstring.org) where folks have indeed used this method, and achieved some remarkable guitars.

Personally, I think the original FP Jems look beautiful (not so sure about the blue ones :D ), and I fully intend to try something very similar next year! :D


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