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Can I Dress Frets With Steel Wool?


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Can I dress frets with steel wool? I've seen it done on youtube but I dont know if he was polishing them or actually dressing them. I've been told by Roger (who owns fylde guitars, look it up on google for some inspirational acoustic guitars) that you can use sand paper if you do each fret exactly the same and be very careful.

Thanks in advance.

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Remember to cover your pickups with masking tape before using steel wool near them, or they'll pick up all those bits of steel wool that come off, and it's next to impossible to remove it all.

What about using blu-tac or modeling clay or does that not get it all?.

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Yo can buy crowning tools at stewmac or lmii...

Or you can use triangle files...but they require more finesse..

Yes you can. But I would strongly recommend rounding off the edges of the triangular files so you lessen chances of gouging the fretboard. If you do that and tape between the frets you should be OK. I'd even do a couple of layers of something like masking tape. I've even used duct tape because it's more durable and has a lesser chance of gouging the fretboard.

But after you level and crown, I would go over them with sandpaper, the 0000 steel wool as DC Ross mentioned. As a final step I go over them with silver polish.

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