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Low Friction Potentiometers


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Do you guys know where I can find them?

In the past, I've taken potentiometers apart and have been able to loosen them up a bit, but if there's a place that sells pots that are already "low friction', I'd just assume buy em from them.


I don't usually correct grammar, but it's "just as soon," not "just assume."

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I have never heard of a "low friction" pot before in any catalog that I have seen or on any online source that I have checked out.

The friction that you feel on guitar pots is mainly a function of how the pot is designed and/or if your knob is dragging on the guitar body or the nut that holds the pot in place. If it's a function of design, it just takes some time to get "broken in". I personally don't like pots that move too easy. If the setting gets changed, I want it to be very intentional. To each his own. :D

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