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an idea...

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i have an idea that i would like to throw in the air for you to shoot down....

normally if you have a trem unit and you want hardtail you have to fill with blocks of wood etc...

why couldn't you use a piece of metal rod with a hook on either end and put them in place of the trem springs, therefore making the trem unit not move therefore reducing tuning problems..

would it work

yes or no?


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Dan- an Australian company had the same idea in the mid-80's. They sold their idea to WD Products. It was a little plastic tube piece with a 4-40 rod at the end for "adjustments". Basically a "one-way" product. (Funkle- thanks for the pic)

The wood block method is alright, but usually a pain in the ass-takeshi.

There's a better way. A *much* better way.

And it's coming soon. :-)

Dis-believers: Brian (the site owner here) will have his "better way" to test out in the next 24-48 hours, depending on mail delivery. Ask him what he thinks of it.

Trem owners are about to be very happy.

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i used a neck back plate to stabalize a floy on one of my jacksons. i screwed it in so that the trem would go down, but not up. i did this so i could put a d-tuna on it. it worked like a champ.

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Wilkinson made their trem's for Carvin a while ago where the trem would lock into a hardtail when the bar was perpendicular to the strings (facing the floor) and would unlock when used paralell. But I haven't seen any mention of the unit on Carvins recent trems.

Wilkinson was sued (by Gibson?) for some kind of product infringement, and as a result, they no longer sell the bridge, called the Convertible, in the US, but you can still buy them overseas, (and maybe in Canada?)

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