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Very Interesting

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Pretty standard design for a DIY truss rod. This rod works in a flat bottomed cavity, as opposed to the Fender-style truss rods. I don't really trust the bending, though. Not that I've tried it myself, but it seems like it would weaken the rod in that area, possibly leading to breakage in the future.

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Do not do that.The heating of the rod and the extreme bending causes the steel to lose it's temper and become brittle.I work with steel every day

Also,even though I realize it is the same concept as a two way rod,the round end is not nearly as stable as the brass nut used by stewmac and others,and the block at the top is not long enough to counter the twisting force placed on the threaded rod by the nut..

And cheap threaded rod like you find most places is inferior to the steel used in the Hotrod...

less than $20 is a small expense to try to get out of considering the importance of that member of the "drivechain" of a guitar...

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