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My New Neck Jig

DC Ross

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My last jig was destroyed when the depth locking mechanism decided to crap out on my plunge router, so I decided to go all out and build this one based on David Myka's:


The rear rail support is vertically adjustable, so it's capable of routing angles from 0° to 3.5°.

The rails are from an old server rack that I was using for shelving. I got the self-adhesive rules and knobs in a kit from Rockler, and the T-slots and holddowns from Harbor Freight. The base is made from 2 layers of 1/2" MDF, the rear rail support is Maple, and the front rail supports are Sapele, all pulled from the cutoff bin.

All said and done, it cost me about $30 above what I had on hand, and took about 4 hours to complete. Not bad for an afternoon :D

I'm going to be building a run of 4 guitars starting next week, so we'll see how it performs.

Thanks for looking!

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Maybe I missed something, what is it for?

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Like David's from the tutorial section? Cool! I was thinking something along these lines, but haven't really looked for the aluminum extrusions like that. They hold up okay under the weight of the router? Let us know when you've given it a test run!

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That looks awesome - I'm just curious how it works - I mean I assume you'll run the router along the two main side rails to create the width of the pocket, but for the back of the neck pocket, with that piece of aluminium sitting across the rails, won't it stop the router from sliding back as far as you need it to? Will you have to adjust that for the offset of the router bit from the edge of the router base, or am I just easily confused? :D

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