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Ugly Badge

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Hey All,

Just stumbled on this site and looking for help.

Searched high and low on the web for info regarding removal of a headstock badge. Nothing out there except "removal or applying decals".

I recently picked up an AXL SRO, don't laugh, this thing plays, looks, and sounds great. Seriously!

But...it has a butt ugly, metal looking headstock badge thats gotta go!

It is not screwed on. Appears to be held in place by strong two sided tape?

Any thoughts on how to remove it without damaging the finish? The headstock in natural.


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You might get lucky with heat. Use a hairdryer and heat up the adhesive, then slowly peel it back.

Lighter fluid works really well with removing that sort of thing. Not BBQ lighter fluid, but the kind you put in Zippo lighters. It's dirt cheap and it evaporates completely. It might react with the finish, though.

I actually think Zippo fluid works better than Goo Gone. I had to use Goo Gone a lot at an old job of mine. It stained everything it touched and smelled like Hell.

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I guess the badge stays.

I can't even get a thread under an edge!

My guess is that the badge was set in place while the finish was still tacky.

Bummer. And trying to get customer service to respond is a joke.

Oh well. I'll live with it. Thanks for all the help. :D

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