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Scale Length Questions

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Just a few Q's about some things I came across. I have been doing some experiments.

If a classical guitar had electric strings put on it, will it play in tune?

I was reading some scale length info on the wiki, and it said some guitars (string or frets) are built with some extra in them to compansate for the bending of the string when you fret the notes.

I am wondering what should I expect?

I would just put the strings on the guitar already and see, except I have to rebuild it, and that, plus the experiments I am going to try will take up a lot of time.

when I got this guitar it never played in tune. I was a teenager and did some math somehow and moved all the frets up a hair towards the bridge. I have no idea how I even figured that was the solution. I am guessing the bridge was in the wrong location. I dont remember if this ever worked out.

Anyhow, much older, I pulled the guitar out (most people would throw it away) and decided to do lots of strange thing to it. I have to rebuild everything on it but the neck, top needs to be reinforced, and sides.

I already cut out a new fret board and cut the slits based off the scale from a standard classical guitar.

if the nut to 12th fret length is the exact same as the 12th fret to bridge, would any set of string tune up and play fine?

I am posting it here, because my experiments will probably take me away from acoustical, and into electric solid body. And it may end up with a couple more strings then stock.

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Why would you put all that time and money into this "thing"?

Just build yourself a guitar from scratch.

You'll be much better off in the end...

well so far it has taken up $2.44 lol

actually it will be more of time. and the price for new strings.

I have everything I need from other projects or laying around.

as for building from the ground up. already started one, and backed off in fear of not being ready.

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There is only a support piece in there made out of sheet metal.

I seemed much like a hack saw blade, just a little firmer. obviously not going to hold up to 6 or 7 strings.

I am thinking about cutting a channel into the neck and building a support, or try out a DIY truss rod.

I know the tension is going to be an issue. I have some off the wall ideas dealing with fiberglass.

I guess my first concern is the scale length. the theory part first.

Would it be correct to say, no matter the scale length, asuming thing are correct. you can go between nylon strings and steel strings and it will still play in tune?

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Would it be correct to say, no matter the scale length, asuming thing are correct. you can go between nylon strings and steel strings and it will still play in tune?

type of string does not change the actual position of the frets relative to the hwhole scale length, however the amount of compensation needed at the bridge will vary between different type of strings. so dont expect perfect intonation. you could of course do 1 saddle intonated for nylons and 1 saddle intonated for steels and swap between them when needed

i retopped a classical way back when with an x-braced top so i could put steel strings on. it worked really well and sounded great. i think it lasted 6 months before the neck became totally unplayable :D

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