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Recessed Tune 'o' Matic. Pic Wanted.

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I resessed a tune-o-matic on my last build.

It went well, however I put the string through ferruls too far back from the bridge and now the strings like to wander out of the grooves in the saddles.

I'm sure I could fix it with some filing or whatever but haven't gotten round to it.

If you draw things at full scale and make templates you'll be right.

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Not exactly close ups I know . . but a recess is a recess!

To recess them in as I have here I actually modify the thumb wheel so it's flush with the body of the t-o-m so the recess slot can be exactly the same size as the bridge opposed to the large Warmouth style recess.

Forgot to say - remember when you recess a t-o-m the strings will be obviously be closer to the body so much so that standard humbucker rings can end up being to tall to fit under the strings. So it's either modify them to fit or make custom ones - of course this is dependant on just how deep you recess the t-o-m! :D

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