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I have a Fort Worth Model Charvel Neck from the 80s. I just recently bought an Original Floyd Rose with R3 nut. Problem is this neck wasnt designed for the floyd style nut. Is there any way I can alter the neck to fit the nut or can i just use a regular nut and not lock the floyd? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to finish up this Classic Model 2 Charvel. I posted a link to a neck just like mine.


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Was the neck from a guitar with a locking trem originally? Either way I know Charvel/Jackson used the behind the nut locking clamps at one point. Same thing that Kahler currently uses. Basically you use a regular nut to set your scale and action off of and then a clamp system screws onto the head behind the nut and locks the strings.

Using a Floyd Rose without a locking nut kind of defeats the purpose. Some people claim they get just as good results with good locking tuners, but good results can be a loose term. Any problems with the nut and locking tuners won't help. The idea of a Floyd is to completely lock the stings so there is no slippage inside the vibrating length of the string. Removing the lock from either end defeats this.

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