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Headstock design

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Hi All,

I'm thinking about building a neck with a custom headstock similiar to an old BC Rich design.


the one labeled as V-shape but I want the center cut out to go further down closer to the nut. This will be a 6 string so my question is, do you think maple will be strong enough to hold? It seems to me that there might be too much pressure on the "wings" once the center is cut away, what do you guys think?


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Here's a wild one: custom.jpg

Here's a closeup:reason3.jpg

Mark Johnson at MJ Guitar Engineering has been doing these for about a decade. No problems I've heard about. Of course, the stresses are different, but if this will survive, I dont see a notch in the headstcok presenting a real problem - Just leave plenty of beef, and I'd scarf the joint so you're working with flat grain. Reinforcing it with carbon fiber ought to make it bulletproof.

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If the headstock is not joined at the top, there might be a problem as all the force will be acting down and to the side. If this is the case try not to angle the tuners too much on the headstock as the greater the angle to more torque will be transfered to the wood (i.e. get the tuners as close to a straight line as possible so that the force created by the strings is compressive rather than applying a bending force).

There will be a weakpint at the bottom of the notch (a massive point of stress concentration) so try to finish that with with a circular section.

Althernatively use carbon fibre or recess a steel sheet in the back to add strength. Nothing is impossible, we've all just got to think about it for long enough. :D

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