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There's Jack music store, right next door to Steve's music store on St-Antoine street but i'm not sure that would qualify as "good". You really have to negotiate like a moron with those "bahstuhds".

As for pawn shops i'd suggest grabbing the yellow pages and spend the day going from one pawn shop to another to look for deals. There's enough of them to keep you busy all week-end :D

Good Luck.

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I was in Jack's yesterday... Not really much there. And ya, those guys are the meanest sleaziest buggers around.

They had a cool 2x12 Laney, a marshall JCM 2000, and a Roland Jazz Chorus


The two best places to buy amps in my opinion used to be York music on Ste. Catherine's, and JR Comptant off of Decarie on Sherbrooke... but sadly both are gone now... sorry

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