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Piezo Trems

Scott Rosenberger

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Both guitarelectronic.com and carvin sell the wilkinson bridges by themselves (GE seems cheaper) but neither of these seem to have the piezo saddles... or at least there is nothing on those webpages stating that they're so equiped... and if they are, those prices are insanely low!!! I still think you'd have to get them separately.

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u know you can buy piezo material and make your own right??

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in a nut shell if you want a simple piezo bridge you can do the orignial ovation way and have a thin strip under the bridge piece.

u can by piezo from the manufactuors. there is a link somewhere on this forum, i found it in a nother thread. but you can also just use the little piezo disks found in the buzzers at radioshack. they have two wires one hot one neg of course you need a little preamp for it, but heck thats one jfet, a couple caps and a couple of resistors. all on a piece of perfboard around the size of a quarter.

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thanks maybe i should do this, i did my lespaul copy for a friend of mine years ago and ever since then i have been doing miscelanious electronic mods

as far as me being well versed in electronics, its my gift.

i used to do repairs wheni was a kid for all the local guiatrist in my schools

i would make something like a couple hundred a month when i was like 15 or so

and i have been doing electronic repairs and mods, for 21 years

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wow! thats some amount of money for a 15 year old! and it certainly seems to be your gift! are all your guitars wired in werid and wonderful ways?

well lets see, when i was 15 and 16 i had a bunch of junker guitars so i expiramented with allsorts of things.

the speaker behind the pickup sustainor/feedbacker thing

preamps galore. changing pickups and whacky wiring all the time

combingnig single coil that was super hot with a humbucker in parrallel for a seriously fat sound. that was the secret switch in the yamaha.

one guitar [although this was later] had small relays in it for touch system so i could just touch a little pad and the pickups changed.

the other two favorites was my old cheap ibanez. that i shielded and ran out all the picup wires from it to a board that used logic and dip switches to change my fx and my pickup settings. single coils shimmerign with chorus, and light delay,

slit neck and middle pos for a killer hendrix type sound with a fface, and my marshal q box

then i had my 12bosition wiring , that i shared with the forum althoug at the guitar it was in a nightmare to rewire[super small control cavity] it was well worth it. especially the neck middle bridge single coils all on posistion sounds so much like an acoustic.

quite a few others. but basically now i have one test guitar that is waiting on a bridge, froma friedn from a different forum.

and its just a coil tapped humbucker in the bridge.

the yngwie clone, that i am still trying to get back togehter [someone anted me to shave the back of the neck heel down some more and then they promised to buy it and never sent me a check arghhh] so i got to put it back together.

but its just some hot singles in ti. maybe i will split the x2n again in the bridge and neck posistions

and the one i am trying to get radiused and fretted is going to have a three way switch in it to select the neck or bridge and the neck and bridge ala petruci style with a push pull selector in it to give full hums in the middle and a push pull in the tone, for a dual blend. and a regular tone. or just a six way rotary or custom pot for a six way tone blend knob

so in a short answer yes they are lol

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