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Gotoh locking tuners


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It's generally not good to buy from allparts unless you have no other choice, or you have a Dealers License. The prices are way too high. BTW I'm pretty sure Brian get's them from Allparts but he has a dealer license so he can set the price.

Yeah, I've always stayed away from Allparts, because it looks like they have the full retail price listed. I ended up buying 2 sets from Brian - great price, and it's nice to support someone from the site.



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Do NOT buy the Gotoh tuners from Grizzly...I have just spent a week trying to return their stock#H3059-Gotoh locking tuners w/adjustable posts and locks...I ordered on their website. I like 3 x 3 tuners w/keystone knobs. Anyway, they are the Gotoh model SG503, which are not locking, nor have HAP!!!!!!!Apparently, the new hard copy catalog corrects this, but their website still has the wrong info...I called, asked the guy to look up the stock# on the website, and he says they don't have access. I had to fax a screen print of the webpage and description along with a letter stating that due to misrepresentation, I will not -pay 10-20% restock on this item. Now, they have taken care of me, given me an RA number, and say that they will refund the return shipping as well as the item. $ 30 is not a great deal and it took too much work to take care of this. buy somewhere else, or get Sperzels--I've had luck w/ them.

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