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It's for that same guitar in the other thread, but Bondo was mentioned for little dings, not a huge freaking valley. If it was a ding, I would know how to fill it. It isn't really deep. It's hard to tell it's there, but that could be because of the color. If you touch it, you can feel it, but it's hard to see. It's also fairly wide. Wide and shallow. Still use Bondo, or just spray a lot of sealer or primer until it's level?

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How big a valley is it? You say it's a "huge freaking valley" but then also say "It isn't really deep." If it's not that deep and if the body shape would accomodate it, you could sand away the "hills" around that valley, feathering/blending it in. But you haven't given too much information about this guitar. What shape is it? Is the area in question flat or contoured, etc. How about a picture of the defect? The more information you provide, the easier it is to make suggestions.

If it's not that deep, I have a feeling Bondo can be used without affecting the tone too much... but don't take my word as fact, just my opinion.

On a side note, have you seen those cheesy infomercial for "Ready-Strip?" It's supposed to be non-toxic, fumeless, yada-yada. I was thinking of giving that a try. Not the normal stuff in the infomercial but the Multi-Strip since it supposedly "can remove more difficult coatings such as two part epoxy and urethanes."

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Wood putty isn't good at skinning wide-but-shallow imperfections, and you will most likely have the piece simply flake off after you've finished the paint job :D

Also, this seems like a good reminder for the golden rule - Always sand with a flat block. Wood isn't totally even in hardness, so you need a block to avoid valleys.

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