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Tuning Issues.....always!

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alright...the issue wasn't resolved but upon even FURTHER inspection this time when i changed the strings i completely took the trem out and realized that the screws holding the...spring plate...?....are not put in perfectly horizontally in some of the pictures you can really see how uneven it is. THIS has got to be the problem correct?

The screw on the right side is much lower than the one on the left.


here you can see the difference in the tension of the springs.


here's another view


ps - how can i just post pictures directly in the thread??

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Two ways to do it. First is on the posting screen there is a button below the fonts pull down that looks kind of like a sunset, click that and past the url into there.

The other, is on your photobucket page on the left is a list of several different url type. Just copy and paste the IMG code.

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spring plate

Spring claw is the common name IIRC

I have a hard time thinking that the springs or the spring claw or the screws holding the claw can be the problem. A tremolo, be it a fender style of a FR, is a balanced system and if one spring is tighter than the other, or the claw is a bit off things are evened out as the knives edge of the bridge acts as fulcrums. If that explanation isn't good enough I have to dig out my old physics books and try to come up with a better explanation. :D

And as mentioned in an early post; If you have had this problem on more than one (all?) your guitars the "problem" cannot be the guitars but it has to be you (sorry, doesn't mean to call you a problem ...). Focus on how you tune, how you play and especially on the top strings. As mentioned above, a tuner is designed to only tune up to the note, not down. One info that is missing is if you use the trem a lot. Is so there are way to have a vintage guitars without locking tuners or FRs to stay in tune pretty well. This YT clip covers that part pretty well:

If rethinking the way you tune your guitar doesn't help, it is almost impossible to help you without having the guitar at hand.

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