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w00t new wood walnut lol

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yeah i got some new wood worked a little on that wretched monkey grip. it looks sort of decent now. but goddamn it i made the grip too big. sooooo i'm going to have to sand it in such a way that makes it look a little smaller and I'm going to do some binding on the inside to make it look smaller.

BUT i got new beautiful wood on the upside and the carve is coming along FABIO!

http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/481911 check it ooot

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

hmm. the walnut looks good, but is it too thick?

Also, thank you for listening to all the advice given. So far, i think it'll be awesome. Here's an idea I came up with for your deep set. Take a carvin or stewmac threu blank and cut it so is has a 6" to 8" toungue. Plane the back of it so you have about an inch left. Then, you have a 24 fret 25" scale deep set neck. Just an idea to help save time. Not to mention ease the process of a first guitar.

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