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Empty Guitar Case?

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but.....

I am interested in making custom guitar cases and would like to find a source to purchase empty cases and create my own custom inserts. Problem is, I can't find anywhere that sells empty guitar case shells. If you are having trouble imagining this, picture opening up an SKB style case but the inside is empty, no foam, no padding. That's what I want to purchase.

Any help?

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not really sure. is it for one or two of your own guitars or do you intend selling cases

i have seen flight cases sold like that but rarely normal guitar cases

flight case example, not cheap:


you can also buy parts to build them - loads of info on the web about that

for one or two standard SKB style cases it would be cheaper to buy a basic case and remove the insides and remake to fit

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I do not plan on going into the guitar case business, but rather would like to have access to make a custom case for whatever my latest build happens to be. I plan to CNC foam, vacuum glue fabric and installing into existing case. I'd rather not go the flight case route so I imagine that purchasing a complete case and removing the insides would be the best bet.

Thanks to all.

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