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Broken Peavey Clarksdale

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It was broken , then I fixed it ( or so I had thought), and once I had begun to string it again the main part I had fixed was broken again.

I had purchased the guitar from a member of my church for only a whole whopping $1 as he had boughten a better nicer guitar. The neck block for the bolt on neck had seperated from the front part of the side panels and the soundboard, and a piece of the soundboard containing part of the rosette was missing. I glued and clamped the block to front of the side panel and i used a weight plate on top in lue of an extra clamp. I also removed the ugly plastic rosette and used hemp twine. The scratchplate was peeling off so I replaced it with one made, out of all things, plastic from a DVD case. However when after I had be to string the bugger up I heard the unmistakable sound of glue seperating from wood. upon reoving the bridge pins and the neck I discoverd that there was an unnoticed gap between the bottom of the block and the backboard.

Any tips or ideas on how to fix it or is it a glue it, clamp it, and pray it works sort of deal?

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Have serious doubts about shimming with leather. Wood scraps for shims are not hard to find !

Try to make some friends who have some CLAMPS !!!!

You can really make a cheap guitar very un-repair worthy by slathering glue into seperated joints and then not clamping properly. Really no fun, having to do major surgery to remove dried glue from improperly clamped parts, in order to redo properly.

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It was clamped. I just didn't let it dry long enough and used too little glue. I used a lot of glue (cleaed up excess of course) and used quick-clamps and bar clamps. I switched out leather for a piece of a business card (it was mentioned in a guitar maitenece book written buy a guy who used to write for guitar player or some guitar mag) I also believe my tuner is dying on me so that is part of the issue.

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