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A Dumb Neck Finish Question


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Hi- I've gotten around to working on a couple of necks for bodies that have been calling me to start! I have wonderful guitars store bought, finished in nito, poly, tru oil, etc. I find that I like the satin finish that Mighty Mite and another company use on their necks. I polish it up a bit, and it's smooth and wonderful. Does anyone know what kind of finish they use? If I can find out I will order unfinished necks, add color and finish them off with that finish. I used to have a wonderful Melancon I had to sell due to finances, and it had a finish a bit similar. My sweat makes nitro gum up quick, and I never had the problem with the Mel or these necks

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I don't know the finish you are speaking of, but I have found that I really like Tru-Oil on a neck. I put on one or two coats, then scuff with 0000 steel wool, then apply another thin coat or two, scuff with steel wool again and call it good. It is satin-y smooth and I quite like it.

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