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Tuning Pins

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Hallo, I was just wondering if tuning pins, like those found on pianos, harps, zithers and other such instruments would be at all suitable to use on a guitar? I couldn't find any examples of this being done, would there be problems with tuning stability etc. using a setup like this?


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There are several potential problems: They are usually set into a laminate board so that the grain grips them from several directions; They are used on instruments that are typically tuned much less frequently then guitars. The "gear ratio" would be so high as to make tuning a real PITA; They are designed for unwound strings (on a piano the winding does not go all the way to the peg).

Perhaps it would help if you told us why you were interested in using them.

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It's doable, but involves a lot of hassle every time you tune (see reply above).

another point to consider is that every time you replace a string it requires you to screw the pin out, or else you will find yourself with the pin bored to the bottom of the hole and ruining the thread in the wood surrounding it.

turning the pin back and forth like that every string change will make it a little looser every time, until you will be forced to replace the pin with a thicker one, and at some point you will run out of sizes (that might take a long time, but still needs considering).

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