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Neck Width Problem

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Ok im gonna be honest. I have no idea how to approach this.

I see guides for necks showing that they want the nut to be a certain width and the end of the neck to be a certain width. How do you come up with these measurements?

It sounds stupid but i wanna learn as much as possible before i start. If my question doesnt make sense heres what im talking about

This tut shows the width of the finger board and neck


Pics 8 and 9 show the width of the nut and end of the neck. the measurements are 42mm and 56mm. how do they know this difference is correct? is it a formula u follow or something regarding scale length? any info you can tell me id really appreciate it.



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The neck taper is parallel to the outer strings (most of the time). Work out your desired string spread at the nut and bridge, then draw lines parallel to the outside creating a margin of 3-4mm (or whatever you feel is comfortable). There is your neck taper!

For example - a 45mm string spread at the nut and 55mm at the bridge would mean a neck around 51-53mm wide at the nut and (if you drew a line extending the neck profile) 61-63mm at the saddle point.

Intermediate widths along the neck are worked out using ((Ws-Wn)*X)+Wn+2M where:

- Ws is the string spread at the saddles

- Wn is the string spread at the nut

- X is the unit fraction point along the neck (0.25=5th fret, 0.5=12th fret, 0.75=24th fret as immediate examples)

- M is the margin from the outer string centres to the edge of the fretboard.

For example - 45mm spread at the nut, 55mm spread at the bridge, 3mm margin either side plus we want to find the width at the 24th fret:



= 58.5mm

Hope this very basic explanation (it's by no means totally comprehensive) helps! A good idea is to pick up your favourite instrument and derive specifications using that, whether for illustration or whatever.

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That was actually super helpful. Thanks :D now a few quick questions.

Do you measure out the rest of the frets or just let the lines determine the thickness?

As far as neck angle, does that have to be any certain amount? if so how do i figure it out? i saw that thread on measuring neck angles but idk what the use of it is

Other then that i think im ok. ill post another thread if another question on the build comes up.

Oh and where can i post pics of my build for people to see and help me on?

As far an a neck profile im doing an Ibanez Wizard 1. Rhoads body and neck through.

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Well im going to be using a TOM bridge with strings going into the body. i am definately going to recess it. (I like the way it looks) :D. how do i figure out how far the neck angle should be?

nvm found a calculator. http://www.tundraman.com/Guitars/NeckAngle/Index.cfm

hope that helps someone other than me haha.

Ok i think i got the info i need for this :D

one last question though now. any tips on finding the exact point on the neck to cut for the frets? im following a chart on the link i put in the original post but its very very specific. any tips to get those measurements on the fretboard?

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