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Thats awesome, but how many combos actually sound good , where do you keep the batteries and why not just make it into a pedal?? :D

That switch could be the cause of some good frustration on stage........{which spot was I in ?? }

all in all, very cool. Just not something I'll be messing with.

They claim over 9,000,000 combos. I claim poppycock. There are probably 5 that sound good, and 8,999,995 that sound similar and/or useless........ :D

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there will certainly be a lot that sound the same - no getting away from that!

i think the momentary switch is mainly for editing which means on stage you would mainly use the 5-way switch and push/pull bank switch to give you quick access to any 10 options you choose to assign to those positions.

i would say its more like 20-30 distinct and usable sounds rather than 5 though.

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I will give in on the 5 thing...... I was thinking, one 3-way has 2 good sounds.. ( I never care for the middle position ) a 5 way has 3 good sounds ( again, I don't care for the 2 and 4 position ) so a 9,000,000 position has to have at least 5 good ones. :D

It is an incredibly cool system for people looking for multi-toned guitars.

I built my 'studio' horse.... 4 knobs and 3 switches on 5 pups........ you made a diagram showing me that I had enough magnetic pull to throw off a compass ! lmbo.....

I think this will be accepted by the tone junkies, and shunned by the '1-pup-1volume-floyd rose' crowd.

Still, you find the coolest guitar stuff ever. :D

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It's a cool idea I guess, but it's really not what I want personally from a guitar.

At the end of the day I just want to plug in and sound good. If I've learnt one thing it's the more complicated your rig is, the more likely it is to stuff up and give you a headache.

To each his own though, this is coming from a guy who plays a les paul straight into a Marshall JCM800 afterall (Yes I know, I'm an 18 year old cave man) :D

Thanks for the linky though, always good to keep up to date with our instrument of choice :D

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