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Guitar Fetish Bodies And Pauwlonia Wood Bodies

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Yeah, I've bought pick ups and hardware from them on ebay before and always been happy with their products. Just seen that they sell bodies on their site and they seem pretty nice especially for the price. Thinking of a new project and I wonder what a pauwlonia wood bodied tele would be like?

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I have a floyd rose routed body from them. Absolutely terible, there was splintered holes through the trem cavity route and the other routes were all wonky and off the centre line.

You are essentially buying a useless plank. :D

+1. A customer came to me with a box of GF parts/body/neck and asked me to assemble it for him. The centerline was off, the bridge pickup route was too big and encroached into the trem route, the body wood was similar to alder, but much, much softer. In the end, he ended up paying as much as he would of for a higher-end Schecter.

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+1 on the pickups and hardware except the black pickguard screws. they discolored on me. i'm not sure how to describe it, but they went from black to a grey-ish less black. going against everything i've read, i'm still going to try a neck from there soon. i'm too big of cheapskate and i can't see spending much more with my current building experience.

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