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How To Fix Big Damage Before Repainting?

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Hey guys! I have a body i am going to swirl paint that has some decently big chunks missing from the wood around the input jack. i don't quite know what happened to it, but it almost looks like maybe it was dropped while a cable was plugged in and it took some of the wood with it. ouch.

anyway, what is the best and most stable thing i could patch that up with before repainting? thanks!

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Typically you would want epoxy designed for woodworking - zpoxy, system 3 there are others. Alternatively, you could use bondo. I'm sure I'll get a little heat for that from someone, but it's what Fender and others used in the past - and if you're going to paint it - the color of the filler isn't a big deal

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Need pics...

How big?

you have several options....

wood dust and supper glue for smaller patch jobs

wood dust and epoxy for larger patches (good epoxy system 3 or z-poxy)

Cut the piece square and graft a new piece of wood on with titebond.

Sorry Kpcrash I am not a fan of bondo. It is really not an option for a big fill as it is more likely to leave witness lines after a few years... do to the wood contracting and expanding.

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