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Help With Stripping Paint

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Hi all! I've tried to search for this already, but it's kind of difficult to search for something like this. Anyway...

I've got a couple of guitars I want to strip back. I've tried regular paint stripper and bought some strong stuff that eats through epoxy, lacquer etc. No matter what I try - how much I put on, how long I leave it - the stuff just doesn't come off. I've also tried a palm sander like in the tutorial section of the website, but even that has been hopeless. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong there, but the only thing that's worked so far has been sandpaper and elbow grease, but that's tedious and takes a long time and a lot of energy.

Can anybody recommend specific chemical strippers to use? I'm considering using a heat gun or belt sander, or just taking the guitars to somebody who knows what they're doing, but the main guitar I'm stripping is a cheap, old thing that is really not worth spending any large amount of money on. Plus I could do with the experience of doing it myself for future projects.

So - any tips or nudges in the right direction for a complete newbie to refinishing?

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I usually use the heat gun and a scraper to remove finish. As long as you're carefull not to get too much heat in an area and burn the wood I think it's safer and easier to controll than a belt sander. Works pretty fast too. Either way you do it, do it outside in good ventilation and a respirator (not a dust mask) is always a great idea.

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