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Santos Rosewood

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Pau Fero, Morado, Bolivian Rosewood, all the same thing.

It makes a great fingerboard and also bends well if you wanna bind the guitar to match :D

It's not a TRUE rosewood but it is still very nice and has many similar properties (like bendability mention above). I'd see no issues using it as a neck. Quite the opposite, I think it's make a wonderful neck.


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I'm of the opinion just about any wood can be used for a neck... However, it's not just the species you need to be concerned with, it's the chunk of lumber itself. In other words, one piece of maple may be fine for a neck, yet another might not for numerous reasons, which I'm sure you're already familiar with.

Santos rosewood can make a very nice neck, however keep an eye out for signs of it twisting. I've used lots of it, and this particular wood can be very testy. It's a sin to toss big beautiful pieces into the burn pile, yet sometimes it's prudent.

I use pau ferro as the default fingerboard in a standard neck. People really like them and request PF over and over again.


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