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Swirl Crazy

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Have you tried Humbrol paints?

Is there a particular reason why one shot is better than other paints?

I have been trying to get the technique down with Humbrol paints and cant quite get it (I could always send it to you to do :D )

Neil did one with Humbrol & couldn't believe how easy it was, every colour worked straight from the tin.

The only reason I use Oneshot is they were the only enamels I found that were available in neon colours.



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i am planning on having a go - over some metal leaf... very original i know :D

Do it, do it. Been meaning to do another, had a bunch of leaf sitting around for ages. Are you going to do colour and clear paint or just the colour & try and get some good gaps?

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my plan was just colour - but i do have some one shot clear and some flamboyant (brand name) translucent ruby enamel coming to play with so i will see what works. Thanks for the hint, i can see how it may work better with a mix of clear and red rather than a few squirts of red

the leaf i am using is a reddy orange polka dot kind of thing, this one:


a stripped down 90's reissue ibanez blazer is on its way to me for playing with - although i may swirl everything in the house before a guitar touches water :D

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well i tried a couple with mixed results. first was a white firebirdish kinda thing as a test. the bottom half was a bit of a failure but the top half worked well - i guess i had too much paint. i have not decided what to do with taht yet

second was the variegated metal leaf blazer which i gto a much better swirl on - but found it hard to get all the water droplets off the body, hair-dryer didn't seem to want to budge them. so its a bit bobbly as is but i reckon it should come out all right once i have cleared it

pics at some later date

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