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Scale Length

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Okay, help me out on this one...

If I have a Fender body (Scale length 25 1/4 inch?) will any neck of the same scale length fit it without innotation problems, regardless of number of frets? The way I look it at if a neck and a body have the same scale length they must be compatable, but if it has additional frets surelly that would mean a longer neck which wouldnt be the same scale length anymore, which is a complete contradiction! Please help...

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Fender style necks end at the 21st fret. They are 251/2 inch scale. The extra frets are overhung, usually.

The neck pockets are often different.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Pics would help tons.

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An Fender Strat definately has a 25 1/2" scale length. You can fit as many frets in that length as you like and will not change the scale length. In order to fit a neck to a body scale-wise you have to look out for two things. The nut and the bridge must have a distance equal to the scale length the neck was made for and the 12th fret of the neck has to be exactly in the middle of the nut and the bridge in order to get a correct intonation.


Marcel Knapp!

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The neck pocket of the body I've got is routed out for a 21 fret standard strat neck...but I havn't got an actual yet, I just used my Squire Strat neck as a template.

The reason I wanted to know was that I was brousing ebay and came across a 22 fret neck and just wondered about the maths. I havn't decided I want a 22 or more fret neck, it just in theory could I have one?


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i think the the only difference from a fender 21 fret and a squire 22 fret is the fretboard over hang. They still use the same shaped heel on the end of the neck and the neck pocket on both guitars is placed in the exact same spot (thus encouraging you to buy original fender parts to upgrade your squire). So they should be fully interchagable, where as tele and strat necks are not. (they're made with different heels)

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