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Might sound stupid, but have you tried it without the knob (cover) on it? Some people push the knob so far down it hits the top of the guitar when it turns and it makes it feel like the pot is bad in spots or all together.

If this isnt the case, it's probably either damaged or full of crap. Try spraying some contact cleaner in it and work it free, see if that changes anything.

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its not a new pot is it? some high quality new pots are a bit stiff at first and need a bit of wearing in.

if it is an old one that is full of crap take it apart to get the crap out. you will see the case has a few tabs folded over to the top section, unfold them with a knife and it all comes apart easily

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Thank you for all the solutions :D, as I am writing this post I am taking apart the pot.

Well don't I feel like a grade A helmet-head XD. I take the knob cover off and the thing freed right up. This would have been resolved much quicker if I knew where my allen keys were (stupid flood XD) thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

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