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What Is The Most Cost Effective Way To Use Custom Paint?


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If you dont have spraying experience, I'd suggest staying away from pearls/metallics until you build up some time with the gun. just my advice.

It takes a slightly more complex spraying patters (spraying in x's) to get a perfect fill of pearls or metallics, otherwise you can get train tracks which in this case means uneven distribution of the flake.

It also requires (in some cases) using larger tip on your spray gun otherwiwe it'll clog up. Not fun when that happens, I've been there when I first started out spraying and trying to "make do" with cheap gear and it can ruin a paint job with splatter in seconds.

I suggest you head to your local paint store, tell them what you're wanting to do, ask what they reccomend hardware wise and see what your budget can handle.

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Don't take my advice the wrong way - I'm not trying to deter you, just trying to save you from failure.

When you start out spraying its hard enough to get the simply solid colors and clears looking good without trying to add "expert" skill level stuff into the mix.

If you don't have a spray setup already and a spraying skill base down pat, then you have a long path of failed paintjobs, more sanding and failed paint jobs ahead of you. We've all been there and it does take time and patience.

If you persist and try try again, you'll get there. The first time you do get there, you'll be bloody proud of yourself as it is a hell of a lot of hard work and in my case, even now I've got a few years spraying experience under my belt, I still feel proud when I pull off a good paint job.

Good luck!

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demonx, could you take me step by step through this painting process? I know I have to fill the wood in areas where I sanded through the resin. But what type of paint would you recommend? Also, its possible to paint on top of clear coat right? I had an Idea that is more simple but still pretty cool.

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Would you mind expanding a little upon your "X" pattern of spraying. I have never heard about it before and am rather curious. Anything that might help get a better result is always nice to learn about.

Spray the first coat normal, as in either vertical or horizontal, which ever is your preference, then the second at a diagonal left to right, then the third on diagonal right to left.

The first coat you'll see lines in the flake (be it pearl or metallic), the secon coat you'll still see the lines from the first and now lines from the second, then after the third coat the lines will disappear.

It's way more noticable spraying a large surface like a car than a small guitar, but I still use the x pattern.

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demonx, could you take me step by step through this painting process?

Have a read through these threads, they may answer many questions:



As far as paint process - it can change dramatically depending what products you choose. Best bet is to read the tech data sheets, you'd be surprised at how much info you can get from them.

In a nut shell I sand the timber to 320

Shoot 2-3 layers of primer, after leaving it for several days sand it to 600

spray color and clear on same day then leave it for a week minimum. Sand it with 1000, 2000 then 3000 and polish.

I'm about to start experimenting with my products that I use. I'm wanting to try some of the "industrial" range in hope to replace the automotive products. At least replace the auto primers. If I can get as good finish then I'll be happy as I'll be spending a fraction of the price on product. A tin of the clear I use costs me about $480, wheres a tin of the industrial is about $80. I'm doing research and talking to the paint companies tech people before I spend money and start trialing. I just have to call one more person who is their specialist on wood coatings, after I've heard his view then I'll do some trials and go from there.

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I am still going with the pearl :D, I picked up a rather nifty hobby sprayer that seems to have a decent pattern with the paints I have run through it so far. consistent pattern. I hope it turns out well. would you recommend sanding in between coats of everything? my school art teacher made the suggestion. Also, an idea I had but don't trust to put into practice, What if you took a shape (say a fleur-de-lis) made out of cardboard or plastic (basically the opposite of a stencil) and put it on the body before you sprayed the pearl or the metallic? any idea how that would turn out?

and thank you for the tutorial, it will make things much easier with a reference.

I envision this coming together some time next week(end)? all depending on how smoothly things go.

good luck on your V6 demonx.

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