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Neck Wood Chip Repair! Help!

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I noticed this in the final stages - a small wood chip on the side of the fretboard that I must have done when doing the neck carve. This is in a highly visible area.

I really don't know how to fix this. I was thinking of filling it with epoxy. Maybe I should smooth it out 1st? This is an otherwise beautiful neck :D



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Wez is right, you are the only one likely to ever see it....

I have had some luck with gluing in chip shaped pieces of the same wood and sanding that down smooth. It can be a better disguise, but "you'll" still see it. This looks like a square shaped chip which would make that easier.


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I ended up sanding it out. You can barely tell I fixed it unless you know. The neck profile essentially changed to a slight V (the neck was a V + C shape contour already) in that spot.

It feels very nice and I can't see the stupid ship anymore. I guess I'll be more careful next time. Its the first time I get something like that in the carving process :D

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