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Anyone Use Oil Paint?


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Several swirls in oil, but no oil-based clear - aside from those that are actually oils (not meant to sound like smart "a"). On that topic though, there are numerous posts throughout the forum.

Nah, I have plenty of experience in oil based finished. I guess Ill give it a shot and see how it comes out and report my findings :D

Im freakin tired of sanding poly, want something stronger then urethane :D

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got some oil clear from hobby lobby and brushed it on yesterday. Im on a business trip for a couple days, and will report back what I find when I get home on thursday.

edit : It was surpisingly easy to work with, went on thick but didnt run, and was easy to apply.

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This stuff turned out pretty well! Has some slight bubbling on places, but the brush strokes self leveled themselves.

Since I put a heavy coat on (yeah yeah, I know "many thin coats are better"), its still SLIGHTLY tacky. I will probably be comfortable handling it tomorrow.

Heres a picture of it. If it werent for the slight bubbles, Id actually not even bother with sanding/polishing probably.


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not bad at all! will be cool to see how it buffs out.

Lol I agree! Its just now seeming to be hard enough to cut and polish..... I'll probably get to it tomorrow, and I'll post results.

Still debating as to which pickup sets to put in... Super duper high output, or classic 80's "PAF" style..... Dunno.

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