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Drill Press For Building


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I was hoping Wez or Mender might chime in here. I'm not familiar with what's available in the UK, but the general consensus is to get a large floor model, if you can afford it. Consider that if you're ever going to do string ferules, you'll need something like a 7" (180mm) reach or so. Personally, I get by with a small benchtop drill press, but I sort of hate it. You'll also want to build yourself a big drill press table.

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Thanks for that info unfortunately I am little short of space, I share a workshop with my dad and I don't want to invade his half anymore than I already have, do you think this would be ample?


It looks suitable unless I am missing something blaringly obvious

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My advice is to spend double whatever your budget is.

When I bought mine I set a budget of four hundred, all the real nice ones were above six or seven, I found a big powerful one at a shop that sells mostly Chinese stuff, it was in my budget, looked good so I jumped on it.

It's ****. Drill always gets stuck in the wood and jams up. I wish I had have saved up for another month to get one of the dearer ones.

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I was hoping Wez or Mender might chime in here...

I've been away for a couple of weeks, so didn't see this thread :D

I bought this one. It is a great tool, powerful but not too noisy.

I considered that Axminster one because of the throat depth, but there are problems with it. A friend of mine bought one but has great difficulty getting the thing completely vertical after sliding the head backwards or forwards, or after drilling holes at an angle. it only has to be the thickness of a hair out when you line it up for the bit to be a couple of degrees off vertical, so I gave it a miss.

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