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Lmii Fretboard Template And Locating Pin


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I just received my 34/30" fretboard template from LMII a few minutes ago. I also ordered the locating pin to keep things simple.

The thing is, they don't fit together. Shouldn't the pin extend all the way into the template? Both the pin and the notches in the template are angled. Because of that, it looks like the template will rack if the locator is sticking out too far, or slide around around if it's not sticking out far enough.


Am I just doing it wrong?


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It may be intentional. probobly to compensate for wear & tear on the template with use.

The template is relativly soft when compared to the pin. Each time you dock the template in your jig it will wear a tiny bit. so the is deeper to compensate for that.

I might be wrong. Give them a call about it.

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That is what I ended up doing:


The brass plate is drilled to fit the pin pretty closely, allowing it to move in and out. but not side to side.

Behind it is a slightly larger hole, deep enough for the pin and pickup mounting spring.

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