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My Latest Project - Bass Active Eq Board


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The original design was certainly not my own I am afraid. This circuit is from a classic 80s bass.

Circuit drawn back to a schematic, rerouted in PCB design software with a newly generated layout and component scheme on a double-sided board. Also working on an SMT version with flying leads for the pots to fit a bass with a smaller cavity....I love the 3D Gerber previewer I found at mayhewlabs.com/3dpcb - extremely useful for proofing Gerber output before sending jobs to PCB houses. B)


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Yep! Just a shame that I got screwed over by a local education institution here otherwise I would be building basses for them to go in. I'll happily build them up for anybody who has a two-pickup bass that would benefit from an active dual buffer circuit with vol/blend and bass/treble boost/cut.

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Yeah, tell me about it. I was going to spend two years learning industrial wood manufacturing (think, guitar factory) with a specialism in CNC however there are issues with the local school who appear to have strongly prejudiced my application purely because I am foreign. So yeah, "sucks" describes it in a broad manner. "Better remember the swear filter applies" explains the depth at which I might otherwise describe it however. "**** ** *** ****** *** * ******* ******* * ** * *** **** ** ***".

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