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Psa: Stew-Mac Free-Way Switch


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I bought two of these last year. I finally got both of them installed. Both of them are crap.

For positives, all I can say is that 1) they're a great idea, and 2) the wiring diagrams are both explicit and easy to read.

Switch #1 was installed in the yellow Iceman. It has RAD's blade strat set in it, so the free-way seemed like a good match to utilize all of the pup combos. At first it just bizzed like carzy... some kind of grounding issue. Then all of a sudden it started working right. Before too long, position 4 completely died.

Switch #2 was installed in the Super-Thin mkII. With the shorter profile, it seemed like it would be an ideal solution to the switch depth issue no the uber-thin body. I wired it up for HH on one side and SS on the other. When first wired up, the signal was VERY weak; the single coil side was almost undetectable. When I re-wired it, the signal returned, but position 4 was dead, just like the first one.

When I read the reviews, this seems to be a common issue. The reviews also have a LOT of negative experiences with them. It kinda makes me feel better - knowing that it's not just me - but the $40+ is still wasted. I now have an unusable hole in the top of the Super-Thin, and I'll need to make another p/g for the Iceman, so the final cost is a lot more.

Overall, I advise you to avoid the switch until they make some major improvements in it.

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a five way or blade style switch can fit in anything if you are creative. have you ever seen one mounted sideways? and still switched from the top.

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