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Les Paul Bridge Chioces

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G'day, I apologise in advance for this (possibly dumb, but definitely novice) question. AND apologies for the spelling in the thread topic - cold fingers.

I am embarking on my first re-build - a cheapo Epi LP-300, currently running the tune-o-matic bridge.

I have a Gibson SG (61 re-issue) and a fender Tele (early '90s), so I want to go all out on the Les Paul - no one will shed a tear for a modified LP300. (side note: I just scored a set of EMG 60/81 pickups really cheap, and am hoping to create a really angry, Hetfield-esque sound)

Link to my intro thread, sows pic of the old girl

Could I please have some advice on my bridge choices?

I am currently weighing up:

  • Stick with tune-o-matic - which brand (s) would be recommended?
  • A badass bridge (I am so confused about what this is and what I need to do to run this set-up, but have read about the benefits of tone and sustain)
  • Go all out and drop a Kahler tremolo in (I'm across tat there's some routing to be done, wich is OK because the body will be getting a full spray job too)
  • Or a Stetsbar tremolo... ?

Thanks so much. Sorry if this sounds completely clueless, but as I say, it's my first attempt at a build.



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Your choice of bridges will be limited by the neck angle and string spacing. The strings have to be the proper height off the body so they align with the neck angle. The strings have to fit evenly on the neck from side to side. For a first project, I would stick with a tune-o-matic. I have had good luck with Gotoh. I think your Epi is metric but check.

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That's great, thank you for that. Good advice, I appreciate it. I have decided to stick with the tuno-o-matic, and advice like that helps reinforce it.

I have been researching all weekend and hadn't found the Gotoh pieces. The company I was looking at was WarMan. They seem OK, but I am yet to find anyone who has used them before.

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I just Googled "Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge" and got around 50 responses. Stewart McDonald is a reliable source.

Ah sorry, I should have clarified, I found them as soon as I added Gotoh to the search term. I was originally searching for les paul bridge choice.

I have spent the last couple of days on StewMac. Great site!

Thanks again

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