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Frequently Asked Questions


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I get several messages every day asking questions, I'd hate to think what large builders/companies get asked all the time!

Anyway - I'm putting together a FAQ page so instead of typeing out stuff all the time I can just link the page. I know this sounds bad, but any one here who's advertised or has a website or anything knows exactly what I mean.

So... what sort of questions do you guys get asked all the time? Maybe I've forgot a few and shopuld add to the list!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you build me a copy of a (BC Rich/Ibanez blah blah blah) ?

A: If you want a B.C. Rich - buy a B.C. Rich. I will NOT make blatant copies of guitars. That is considered stealing. I will however build "public domain" shapes or original designs.

Q: Can I work for you? Will you teach me?

A: No. I have to work 5 days a week in a factory on top of building guitars, I am not in a situation to take on staff. Sorry.

Q: How much are your guitars?

A: It depends on specs. An average is $1500 to $1800, but there are so many variables I cannot give one answer. If the hardware costs hundreds extra then I have to add hundreds extra, if the timber costs hundreds extra then I have to add hundreds extra.

Q: I know you normally charge $X for your guitars, but I'm broke, can you build one cheaper?

A: No. Sorry.

Q: I can buy a such n such for $X - will you beat the price.

A: No

Q: Will you ship to such n such?

A: I prefer to sell to people that can come here in person and see/feel the thing for themselves. However if I have to ship a guitar, I charge the actual shipping cost plus the cost of a case. This usually ends out being about $50-$100 (plus case) to a Australian capital city if you pick it up from the truck depot, or around $300 (plus case) if you want it delivered to your door. International shipping will cost more. I dont make these prices, they are what I have to pay.

Q: Will you endose me/my band?

A: I'm only a small builder, I have to work 5 days a week in a Factory as well as build guitars to pay my bills, I cannot afford to give away guitars. Sorry.

Q: Will you do a refurb/repair on my guitar? Will you paint my guitar?

A: I'm trying to focus on complete builds these days so I'm taking on some repair work but not full refurbs or repaints.

Q: Who paints your guitars?

A: Everything is done inhouse by myself, including paint. Only exception is advanced airbrushing which I outsource if it's above my skill level.

Q: What do your guitars feel like?

A: I carve the necks thin and to my hand, not a standard pattern so I cannot compare to any brnad, however if you wish to categorise, the neck profile is a "Modern Flat Oval" and I tend to average the neck (including board) thickness at the first fret around 19mm and around 20-21mm up the other end.

Q: Do you build Acoustic Guitars?

A: No. solid body electric guitars only.

Q: Do you build Bass Guitars?

A: I plan to, just haven't got there yet.

Q: Can you make me a body to fit a such n such neck I have?

A: No. I am selling complete guitars only.

Q: Do you make your own necks?

A: Yes

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How about

"Now that I've paid you and we've agreed on the specs, can you install differet hardware that will cost $800 more for free?"


"Can you make this dream guitar that will look X but play like X, but the 1981 version, not the modern ones. I also like the look of humbuckers, but really want a strat sound, can you make those for me? Alternatively, here is a pickup design I've created. You'll need to make all the parts yourself and they won't do anything special, by I spent a lot of time on it and they look badass, right? And a shape I designed that looks like a cows head. And all black wood, but it needs to weigh less than 7lbs. And here is a diagram of the electronics I want, the computer parts shouldn't be hard to find. I know they don't do anything normal wiring won't do, but it's really cool.

Also, I'm pretty broke, so I can only pay you about 1/2 your normal price."

That's all sarcasm, but it's all things I've been asked at least once and normally on the same guitar.

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