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Mini Les Paul Plans?

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Okay the top two should be okay I think for getting the scale and the control cavity.Of course i have been playing it so please ignore the belt rash

This one is only 1 1/8" thick,but I made another at 1 3/4" thick and it balances better.I also made the body heel square and put the strap button behind the neck joint which also helped.Your choice,but I think the square heel works better and access is the same.I am also starting to use Gibson style tenons which I think work better...again,your choice

dimensions are

Scale = 25.5" Nut width 1 5/8". String spacing at bridge 2"

Neck width at 24th fret 2 3/16"

Widest part of body 11 7/8" Waist 6 7/8" width of bout on the neck end 8 5/8"

Headstock is 6 5/8" from back of nut to end of headstock.

Need anything else?

Anyone who wishes can use these pics to scale your own drawings.I think it is a good working guitar,if you use the full 1 3/4" thickness(before carve) and keep the heel square so you can put the strap button behind the neck.

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OK here's the body based on Wes's size. I figure anyone wanting to use this can figure out the bridge placement based on the scale they choose, as well as the control placement and cavity. This is to be printed fullsize, as it is at full scale.



with Adobe Reader XI you can tile print this

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