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Do I Need To Sanding Seal Before Spraying Clear Cellulose


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sorry if this question has been asked before (did a quick search and didn't find the answer).

So i am getting ready to spray clear cellulose on my mahogany body and i haven't sprayed onto wood before. I read about sanding sealers.

Do i need to do this first and what do i need if so. Would something like this do http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-x-150ml-Clear-Cellulose-Sanding-Sealer-Seals-Wood-Prior-To-Painting-/120945934635?pt=UK_DIY_Material_Paint_Varnish_MJ&hash=item1c28f0812b

If i do seal it do i just brush apply then flat back?

any advice appreciated.


p.s i'm experienced in spraying cellulose on metal and have safety equipment etc just never sprayed on wood.

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There may be differing opinions about this, but the short answer is no, you do not need a sanding sealer for spraying clear nitro onto mahogany.Your first couple of coats will seal it fine. It certainly won't hurt to seal it, and if you do, yes brush or spray it on and level it.

Did you fill the mahogany pores?


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Pore filling is purely cosmetic. It is not necessary in terms having a proper finish or in terms of right or wrong. Without pore filling your clear finish will sink into the pores as it cures.....and the pores will reflect the light and be more visible than they are in the raw wood. The glossier the finish the more they show. Some people like that look, others don't. You need to look at a number of pictures or guitars and decide for yourself. I will say that it is more common to leave them unfilled for oil finishes and to fill them for glossy clears.

There are a number of pore fillers on the market....and a lot of us use CA or epoxy/Zpoxy for this. Do some research on the methods. In simple terms your are spreading the filler over the surface and attempting to squeegee it into the pores. Sand flush and repeat. Test on scrap. It will likely take several applications and frankly most of us consider it a PITA. But if you want a glass like surfaced clear coat, it must be done.

Note that with fine grained woods like maple the clear coat will fill the pores by itself. Unfortunately mahagany does not qualify as fine grained.


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awesome thanks. well you learn something everyday. So CA is cyanoacrylate then? aka superglue?!

Just looked at a few videos of it being used, would never have guessed it.

Lucky my brother works in the lab of a glue manufacturer, can see what he has :)

Will certainly be going this way as i want to get a real glassy finish. not sure how close i will get but always fun to find out :)

Also i had noticed that the grain on the 2 outer pieces of wood i've used are much more open than the centre section so i think it will be the only way to make the finish even.

thanks for the help

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