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The Roubo-Derived Luthierie Workbench


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Last day of work on the bench before the workshop closes down for the summer. What the hell will I do?

  • The leg vice screw has been cut (second attempt) and it works wonderfully. The only thing it now needs is a garter ring to hold the screw to the vertical chop. That'll happen in the Autumn unless I get lucky during the summer somehow.
  • All nine dogs are kind of P-shaped with a small angled spring of Birch which bears against the holes, allowing them to be set at whatever height they're needed at. I'll be glueing some leather faces to each of them plus a patch either side of the leg vice for grip. After the top is flattened, they'll be set a couple of mm below the bench top.
  • The entire bench top needs running over a jointer (yeah, BIG jointer!) for a good load of flattening, plus a couple of the legs and sides could benefit from a mm or two taking off to flush everything up.
  • One leg stretcher joint decided that it would stay open a couple of mm which annoyed me hugely.
  • A Veritas flush-mounted end vice will be dropped into the right-hand side later this year.
  • A bit of bevelling to soften the sharp corners and edges would be welcome.
I may consider adding a couple of extras such as an electrical switchbox and compressed air couplers. It would be great to have an electrical point or two under the bench top for routers or whatever, plus the air points would allow me to fit a vacuum generator for various workholding strategies and blowing dust/chips away.


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