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25Kohm Pot


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Whilst im waiting for my new 3 way switch to arrive, ive been looking at what mods i can do to compiment my new active pickups, got a few liend up but due to the guitar (ibanez S series) space for controls is limited. So i've been looking for some push\pul or push\push pots, IronGear recommend 25kOhm pots to go with there active pups.

I've found this one but its from HK;


And is only a B so that would do the tone but not volume.

So before i get that one from HK does anybody know were to find either push\pull or push\push 25kOhm pots in the UK (i need 2 one for volume 1 for tone)

Or what effect would me using 2 normal 500k push\pull pots have?


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I can sympathise with the lack of cavity space in a Sabre. I have two - one is my "number one" Prestige and the other is the seven-string I built. You might have issues fitting the dual concentric in there but it will more than likely be okay.

As for the value of pot, 25kOhm is not a set in stone value. Active pickups/circuits have a much lower output impedance thanks to them buffering the pre-amp signal so lower values such as 20-50k are acceptable. You could even continue to use 250k/500k value pots however you would still suffer from cable loss like passives. I wouldn't concern yourself too much with the exact values....just get the best and most appropriate for the instrument.

Personally I think a stacked pair of knobs will look out of place on a Sabre because of the slender shape. Let us know how you get on!

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Well after a days testing and playing around the actives are now back out the axe and will be listed on gumtree, there not nesseceraily bad sounding but theres something about them, i dont like, the mix of bridge and neck pickup gave a nice lead tone. But for rythm, i just couldnt warm to them.

Before taking them back out i rewired them to both stock and moded (tried an 86 cap and a 33 cap) to see if i could get the tone i wanted but no luck.

So now i've got a set of bare knuckle black hawks ordered and they will be going in on tuesday.

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