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Swapping Out F-Spaced Bridge For "normal" Spacing On Flying V?

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Hi All,

Newbie to the forums, please be gentle...

Not new to the guitar modding/repairing scene, but still quite new to the technical details behind some aspects.

I really don't think this will cause me any issues but figure it's always best to ask first before doing something stupid :P

I have a pair of Dimarzio pickups (D-Sonic and PAF Joe) that are standard spacing and I want to stick them in my cheap flying V. Only issue is that the current bridge on the V is F-spaced and the pole pieces don't line up nicely.

Will there be any issues with just swapping out the bridge to a standard spaced one as long as it fits on the lugs fine?



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You are better off leaving the bridge so that the string spacing works out best on the neck...You won't notice any real difference in tone because of the pole spacing,it will just not look as perfect...but better for the pups to look different than for the string to run incorrectly down the neck.

I am a little confused by the way,because most Vs tend to be standard spaced(after the Gibson) unless they have a trem...and AFAIK trems should all be F spaced.

I don't know every single bridge on the market though.I generally stick with Floyd,Kahler,or TOM bridges...and I like blade pickups except when I use these black covers


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This is a REALLY cheap V copy, I bought it for £50 and nothing on it is really how it should be.

For instance, in order to take the scratch plate off to change the pups and rewire I have had to remove the bridge mounting posts as they were stamped on top of it!

However it has a very flat neck which is rather playable.

If I won't notice much difference then I'll just leave it as f spaced :)


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